Here’s what people have to say about the Autism Faith Network!

Check out this video by Pastor Kayla Hill of High Praise Orlando! She shares about autism awareness and the Autism Faith Network!

Accessible Faith Initiative

Feedback from Participating Churches

We gave out ribbons and handouts and did a PowerPoint presentation. Afterwards, I got a call from my son’s church school teacher, for more information and ways she can better assist him. She’s already doing an excellent job, but today made her want to step her game up even more. To God be the Glory!

– Tawanda from SC

The initiative was well organized and easy to follow.

– Dorothy from GA

I LOVE IT!!! You just never have an interest or concern until it hits your house. Now, we are all in! There is so much to learn and do.

– Debra from TX

Many members had no idea what autism is. This activity provided tools, info and resources about autism.

– Stephanie from NC

I think this initiative is an amazing way to get the Church involved in something that can be overlooked or mistaken when people don’t understand it correctly. Giving these children an opportunity to learn about God while being in a safe environment conducive to them would make such a great impact in our community!

– Jazzmin from GA

I believe people learned and began to ask important questions because of this activity. It has sparked an interest in people in our congregation that work with special needs children to help us in the development of a special needs ministry.

– Jennifer from GA

I just had a conversation with my mom about her friend’s grandson who recently stopped talking. I told my mom that’s one of the signs of autism. Mom said, “Oh yes and boys are more likely to be diagnosed. I read that in my church bulletin from Sunday.” I was so excited to hear her say that. It is definitely creating more awareness and making an impact. Keep doing what you are doing!

– Shemika from SC

Our community was deeply touched that a church was willing to speak out about acceptance and awareness of autism.

– Chelsea from FL

We are thankful that we can be part of this initiative. Every year, I feel we get more involved and the congregation loves it and looks forward to it. I’m looking forward to next year already!

– Anisha from MS

Volunteers built a sensory wall for an autistic child. We are in forward motion to expand our beginning special needs ministry. The congregation sees the need!

– Vicki from NC

Cheerful Giving Initiative

Feedback from Recipients

Thank you! You have provided a family full of autistic individuals with some comfort over the Christmas holiday.

This initiative was a blessing to my son as I didn’t have much of anything under the tree that he wanted and being able to receive the sensory alarm clock has given him the independence to wake himself up in the morning and get his day started. It is a clock I would not have been able to squeeze into our budget. The white noise and various sounds features and options are great but the night light feature is the best. This clock has been an awesome addition to his lifestyle adjustments and brought him so much joy. He played with it on Christmas day as if it was his favorite toy. Setting up all the features and alarms for his day to day needs has been exciting. Thank you for offering the initiative to families like mine.

It was truly a blessing and made my daughter feel loved and accepted. The item she chose is very calming for her and keeps her in good spirits. Thank You so much for your kindness!

As a mom to many, especially in these uncertain times, knowing that someone else cares about my child and his needs just makes my heart so full! We are so very thankful!

Having a child with special needs creates so many challenges including financial. We were able to get items my child NEEDS, but we otherwise couldn’t get right now. We’re very appreciative.

Though we love the holidays, it can be a stressful time for children on the spectrum. Changes to school schedules, holiday parties, extra trips to see family, can all throw off the every day schedule that brings a sense of security and calm. Acts of caring like this initiative are a bright spots of joy in what can otherwise be a stressful season. I cannot wait to see my son open his item on Christmas morning! We were able to select a fuzzy rug that resembles a fluffy sensory lap pad that he likes to sit with during bedtime stories. It will make the perfect spot to read bedtime stories together each night! Thank you again for your generosity!

Manna from Heaven

Feedback from Recipients

With inflation this was a awesome way to help families that have been affected by autism have a way to keep food on the table.

I liked that you had the needs of Autistic children in the forefront. The many financial costs can be overwhelming and this $50 grocery will go a long way.

This program came at the right time! We needed groceries and it was a great help with our finances being limited. Manna from Heaven is exactly that a blessing to us. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you! This was the perfect way to help those in need on the spectrum! A lot of people forget about special needs and the constant challenges we face every day.

I wondered how my kids and I were going to eat. Manna from Heaven made a way for us to eat.

As a single mother of 3 boys it can be hard keeping my refrigerator and pantry full. Having to pay for our monthly food bill on top of Thanksgiving this month was going to be a burden. This gift card has definitely helps alleviate some of that burden.

My son has a diagnosis of autism, and he has picky eating habits. We choose foods that are healthy for him, and they are usually very expensive. Manna from Heaven helped ease some of the financial concerns we experience on a daily basis.

I had to have oral surgery and it really set us back. We were having a really hard time keeping our heads above water. With this gift card I was able to help feed my family. Forever thankful. God is good!

Manna from Heaven was a huge blessing to our family! It provided more and additional food options for our autistic son, who is a picky eater. We were able to stock him up on his favorite snacks as well as new healthy food and snacks.

My son was very proud to use the $50 gift card to help buy part of our Thanksgiving meal. He has a few dishes he is also planning on cooking. He has come so far with being independent in the past couple of years and Manna From Heaven gave him an opportunity to really feel good about this Thanksgiving Meal.

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