We have some wonderful news to share with our amazing supporters!

Last fall, we received our first grant from a private foundation! The grant is specifically designed to support our Accessible Faith Initiative. With the grant funding, we’ve been able to create a new and improved Activity Toolkit, Children’s Ministry Prayer Guide, and fund our Sensory Toolkit program. In addition, the funding allowed us to start a new project…an Autism Faith Network App!

An app was one of our big goals for the Autism Faith Network and we are thrilled that it has finally come to fruition!


There are several features on our app that we think you will enjoy!

  • Information about our programs
  • Access to resources, webinars, and videos
  • An Audio Bible! It has a reading plan and multiple translations available, such as:
  • American Standard Version
  • English Standard Version
  • New International Version
  • New Living Translation
  • King James Version
  • King James Version in Spanish
  • An events calendar
  • Push notifications for upcoming events
  • Options to donate

We will update our app on a regular basis with new content from our blog and upcoming events. Later this year, we plan to roll out a groups feature on our app for church leaders, autistic individuals, and parents. Our desire is for it to be a safe place for support, networking, resources, and friendship. In addition, we would like to roll out a church locator option.

How to Access the App

The Autism Faith Network app can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play App stores.

We have a special request! Can you please download the app and tell us what you think? We would love to receive your feedback! If you like it, leave a review so that others will want to download it. If you have a suggestion on how it can be better, send us an email! We would be happy to consider your feedback.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!